A Jesuit Dreamer

The following digital projects stem from my faith; a faith that does justice.   


Connected Chicago

Our Mission is to restore human connection in the city of Chicago through storytelling, peace circles, art and community relationship building
— Connected Chicago Mission Statement

Connected Chicago is a Grassroots Restorative Justice Campaign. Find out how YOU can Connect Chicago by visiting AConnectedChicago.Org

Why care?

The Problem

Unequal distribution of justice, safety, wealth, stability and opportunity in Chicago. Unresolved racial tensions and segregation from past and present discriminatory practices. We still have a lot of healing to do.

The Underlying Cause

In a city as densely populated as Chicago, we have somehow managed to create a false sense of distance and separation from one another. 

The Solution

We restore a sense of human connection through storytelling, peace circles, relationship building. We cross boundaries and barriers, talking to people who seem dissimilar to us. CONNECTED CHICAGO offers a chance for reconciliation to those who have been harmed by institutional systems.


If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.
— St. Teresa of Calcutta


The online storytelling component of the campaign is not a substitute for real-life engagement or proximity with persons, but a supplement for engaging these, at times unknown, Chicago stories.


Dreaming can be overwhelming, especially when we dream big. A Connected Chicago is a big dream and thus has a big journey.