Curriculum Vitae

Michael A. Martinez, S.J.

I am a second-year scholastic of the Society of Jesus in the Antilles Province (Cuba, Miami and Dominican Republic) currently studying MA in Social Philosophy and MA in Digital Media and Storytelling at Loyola University Chicago in preparation for the ministerial priesthood in the Catholic Church


  • Rooted in the integration of Four Pillars: Strong spiritual life, rigorous academic study, simple community living & accompaniment with the poor
  • Academic interests involve bridging the gap between academic theology and social justice work; particularly through music, film and other forms of digital media
  • Excellent communicator with outstanding leadership and team building abilities as evidenced by on-going achievements and participation in community organizing and college activities
  • Critical and thoughtful reader and thinker; effective and imaginative writer; cultivates habits of self-reflection and contemplation


                                                    Loyola University Chicago                                                                                                     Chicago, IL
                                                    Master of Arts: Social Philosophy (In Progress)                                                                              2018
                                                    Master of Arts: Digital Media and Storytelling (In Progress)                                                          2018
                                                     Fordham University                                                                                                                  Bronx, NY
                                                     Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science: Philosophy and Psychology                                      2013
                                                     O'Herron Scholar in American Catholic Studies: An Honors Concentration
                                                     Cum Laude
                                                     Belen Jesuit Preparatory School                                                                                             Miami, FL
                                                     High School Diploma                                                                                                                    2009
                                                     Summa Cum Laude



Academic Achievements

—Fordham Merit Scholar (Awarded Full-Tuition Merit Scholarship); 2009-2013

Dean´s List Student Every Academic Year; 2009-2016

Member of Phi Sigma Tau & Psi Chi - Fordham Philosophy & Psychology Honor Societies; 2012-2013

Fordham Senior Leadership Award Recipient – Reverend Joseph Fitzpatrick SJ Memorial Award is given to senior who exhibits a deep passion for and commitment to social justice and awareness within the Fordham community as well as within the Greater New York community; 2013

Jesuit Secondary Education Association Award - “Model of the Ideal Graduate of Jesuit Education”; 2009

Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Program (Overall Achievement Award); 2008

Professional/Personal Development

Member of Christian Life Community - International association made up of small groups of Christians who want to integrate contemplation and action, in all things learning to live lives of love and service in a spirit of discernment; 2002-2016                                                                                                                                                                                         Study Abroad Experience – Santa Clara University´s “Casa de la Solidaridad Program” in San Salvador, El Salvador. Studied liberation theology, sociology and Salvadorian literature and history at Jesuit University of El Salvador, Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas”; Spring 2012

Fordham University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) Training program on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Ally Network of Support – Two-day seminar offered to help students prepare for global society, learning to create environments open and welcoming to all LGBT persons and their allies; 2013

Landmark Forum – Three-day seminar in New York City intended to redefine what's possible and create a future of your own design; 2013

Fordham University Emerging Leaders Program (F.U.E.L.) - Spring semester program for a student cohort nominated by faculty, staff, and student leaders for displaying their leadership potential. Consists of workshops on a variety of topics aimed at developing leadership skills; 2012

College/High School Retreat Leader - Worked on ministry team to organize peer-led spiritual retreats; 2006-2013



















                                                           Scholastic of the Society of Jesus                                                                            Chicago, Illinois

                                                                        Loyola University Chicago                                                                                     2015-2016

                                                           Accompany Loyola’s “Spanglish” Christian Life Community group (once a week), which consists of 20 plus                                                                      members (largest C.L.C. group at Loyola University Chicago) – 2015-2016

                                                           Coordinator of Hip-Hop Media Lab at Precious Blood Ministries of Reconciliation (PBMR) in Back of the Yards,                                                                Chicago. It is a network of reconciliation ministries that consist in jail ministry, community renewal, inner city                                                                    parish work and retreat ministries for reconciliation. The Hip-Hop program offers court-involved youth a safe-                                                                space away from the streets, with an opportunity to learn music production, creative writing and explore the                                                                  power of Hip Hop as a vehicle for social change.

                                                           Master of Ceremonies and Committee member for “Jesuit Jam” 2016 event in Gentile Arena; a Loyola University                                                            basketball game sponsored by the Society of Jesus. Wrote, produced and edited Jesuit Jam 2016 commercial                                                              (over 10,000 views on Facebook).

                                                           Novice of the Society of Jesus                                                               Santiago, Dominican Republic

                                                                 Novitiate San Estanislao de Kostka (Antilles Province)                                                   2013- 2015

                                                           First two years of formation as a Jesuit. Highlights:

                                                           Accompanied two communities every week (twice a week)-  teaching catechism and visiting families in a town                                                              called “Las Mercedes”.  Assisted the University Youth Group in UTESA (Universidad Tecnológica de Santiago);                                                                2013-2015

                                                           Participated in 30-day silent retreat based on the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius of Loyola, which allowed one                                                            to discover their vocation in life; Jan-Feb 2014

                                                           Teaching experience at Belen Jesuit Preparatory School in Miami, FL as an 11th grade theology professor and                                                                spiritual counselor for the high school; Jan-March 2015

                                                            Campus Ministry Student Intern                                                                                           Bronx, NY

                                                                   Fordham University Campus Ministry                                                                             2012-2013

                                                           Employed intern in the Campus Ministry office. Work included: advertisement, office work, organizing and                                                                      coordinating all that offered students the opportunity to engage their spiritual lives with a variety of programs—                                                            from retreats to social justice work (20 hours/week)

                                                           History Makers Scholars Program Mentor                                                                             Bronx, NY

                                                                 Fordham University Dorothy Day Center                                                                     Jul 2010; 2011

                                                           During five-week summer program worked as employed mentor of underprivileged high school students to                                                                    develop critical thinking skills and ability to research, document and present findings through hands-on                                                                          research and fieldwork throughout NYC

                                                          After-School Program Tutor                                                                                                      Bronx, NY

                                                                Northwest Bronx Clergy Coalition and Clergy (NWBCCC)                                                2010-2011

                                                           Volunteered in non-profit organization seeking social, economic, environmental, and racial justice through                                                                      community organizing. Tutored students in the after-school program for whom English is a second language (2                                                              hours/week)

                                                          Case Management and Justice Center Volunteer                                                                 Bronx, NY

                                                                     Part of the Solution (P.O.T.S.)                                                                                          2009-2010

                                                           Volunteered in non-profit social services organization that offered variety of aid to persons in need. I                                                                              volunteered in the Food Pantry, Legal Clinic and Case Management sectors (4 hours/week)

Academic Works of Distinction

Psychology - Practicing versus Non-Practicing Catholics: A Study on Self-Esteem, Religious Coping, Internal Spirituality and Socio-Economic Status (Presented Study at Fordham´s Undergraduate Research Symposium, 2010)

The Vow of Celibacy in the American Catholic Priesthood: A Historical and Social Psychological Perspective (Social Psychology, 2011)

Combating Implicit Bias in Catholic Liturgy: ‘Distributed Cognition’ and the Role of Symbols on Racial and Gender Biases (Capstone Project, 2013)

Philosophy - The Four Noble Truths: A Christological Lens of Suffering (Buddhist Philosophy, 2011)

Socrates and Jesus: Martyrs of Humility and Obedience (Ancient Philosophy, 2012)

Practicing Eucharist: Askesis for “Dialogical” Identity and Social Transformation (Classical Values: The Art of Living, 2013)

Theology & Literature - Living in the Bronx on Limited Means: The Effects of Tasting the Forbidden Fruit (Theology for the 21st Century, 2009)

Es justo y necesario: Play based on Monsgr. Oscar Romero´s Testimony (Salvadorean Literature, 2012)

The Order of the Mass: A Poet’s Guide to the Holy Liturgy (American Catholic Studies Seminar, 2013) – Description: Fourteen sonnets describing the Catholic Mass through perspective of surrealist poet