Hip-Hop music, since its origins, has wanted to speak unabashed truth, even when it was difficult or uncomfortable to do so. The rawness of Hip-Hop music was meant to express what people were afraid to share, but desired to. In this sense, Hip-Hop was intended to speak for people and through people.

Hip-Hop is prophetic.

The video to be produced for COMM 405 will attempt to shed new light on Hip-Hop’s role in the Southside, particularly in the Back of the Yards community. One of my ministries as a Jesuit scholastic, has led me to Precious Blood Ministries, where I volunteer every week at a Media Lab, developing content and teaching hip-hop music, recording, creative writing, editing, filming, beat production, etc.
When I walk into this Media Lab, I see its potential for not only social expression, but social transformation.
Hip-Hop music is more than “gang-banging music”, even when sung, composed and performed by current or ex-gang members.

We need to learn to listen, by any means necessary. 

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Disclaimer:  The following video contains some explicit language intended for mature audiences aged 18+