Dreaming can be overwhelming, especially when we dream big. The "Connected Chicago" campaign is a big dream... 

The Problem: Unequal distribution of wealth, justice, safety, stability, and opportunity in Chicago. Unresolved racial tensions and segregation from past and present discriminatory practices. We still have a lot of healing to do.

The Underlying Cause: “If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” In a city as densely populated as Chicago, we have somehow managed to create a false sense of distance and separation from one another.

The Solution: We restore a sense of human connection through storytelling, peace circles, proximity, and intentional presence. We cross boundaries and barriers, talking to people who seem dissimilar to us. We offer a chance for reconciliation to those who have been harmed by institutional systems (police, courts, etc.)  

Be a part of the movement and dream big. 

Found out how you can Connect Chicago at AConnectedChicago.org